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Pearl Waterless - Advanced Ultra Nano - 500ml - with free cloth


Pearl Waterless - Advanced Ultra Nano - 500ml - with free cloth

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**Revolutionary product launch - Pearl Waterless Nano & Carnauba Wax**  

Order 500ml of Pearl Waterless ADVANCED ULTRA NANO Pearl Waterless Advanced Ultra Nano is the ultimate exterior cleaning and detailing solution: clean, refresh, shine and protect with Nano wax technology. A totally ground breaking Environmentally Friendly and User Friendly waterless motorcycle wash system that can be used to clean, wax, polish and Nano protectany part of the motorcycle exterior surface, delivering a premium mirror-gloss finish in half the time of conventional waxing, provides UV protection, repels water andminimises dirt build-up.Pearl Advanced Ultra Nano Waterless Wash and Wax Valeting formula completely gives you the waterless freedom to clean and polish your motorcycle exterior anytime, any place and everywhere the waterless green way, by fully negating the use of water without compromising on achieving the ultimate showroom finish and whilst caring for our environment. Waterless Advanced Ultra Nano contains many superior ingredients including Nano Wax, high-grade carnauba wax the world's hardest natural protective waxspecial wetting agents, lubricants, unique water-based polymers and protectants bringing a truly breath taking formula to the motorcycle cleaning, polishing, detailing and valeting world.Totally free from petroleum, petrochemical derived fragrances, petroleum based hydrocarbons, heavy metals, solvents and non aerosol. Eco Advanced Ultra Nano cleans, polishes and wax protects your vehicle and helps protect the environment too. Effortless showroom shine is instantly created on exterior paintwork, glass, mirrors, chrome, rubber, plastics, hard vinyl, alloys, wheels, and trim. Eco friendly Advanced does so much more than just clean and shine your vehicle it brings out the natural brilliant colour pigments in your paintwork and protects it from both natural and manufactured harmful elements.

500ml trigger bottle comes with one free Micro Fibre cloth, however we still recommend you get a set of the Pearl professional cloths

Q:How does Pearl Waterless work, why won't it scratch?
    1. Dirt particles areliquefied and encapsulated by special polymersand gently 'lifted and suspended' from the surface preventing them from revisiting the surface of the paintwork.
    2. The encapsulated dirt is then trapped by the microscopic fibre of the Microfibre cloth.
    3. Silicone polymers are then deposited (Nano Wax and Carnauba Wax also with Advanced Ultra) on the surface which coats the surface, repelling water, makes the surface slick, shiny and with anti-static qualities. This helps to prevent dust being attracted to the surface keeping the surfaces cleaner and shinier for longer.
Q:What type of cloths should be used with Pearl Waterless?

Only use a good quality Microfibre cloth with Pearl Waterless, (Pearl waterless professional cloths) as the microscopic fibre in the cloth traps the dirt lifting it safely from the vehicle. We recommend using 2 Microfibre cloths per vehicle wash, one to lift the dirt and another to buff and polish. You may need more than two cloth's for particularly dirty or wet vehicles, especially if they are covered in salt during winter. Pearl Professional Microfibre Cloths are the commercially proven as they absorb higher amounts of water with a thicker and softer weave than normal cloth towels to impart that professional showroom finish.

Q:How many vehicles will Pearl Waterless clean?

Our 500ml container of Pearl Waterless will clean approximately 15 averaged sized motorcycles. It all depends on what size of vehicle is being cleaned and how dirty it is, on average 30 -50ml will do a standard motorcycle which through regular use become easier and the surface shinier with protective layers.

Q:Where can I use Pearl Waterless?

You can use it absolutely anywhere and everywhere you like, indoors, outdoors and even in direct sunlight. Unlike other products on the market the Pearl Pro Waterless Wash & Detailing range contain no harmful solvents or toxic chemicals. All products are uniquely reliable and equally friendly to the user, environment and vehicle.


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Name Pearl Waterless - Advanced Ultra Nano - 500ml - with free cloth
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